Live pictures of the KIEL-CANAL

Take a look at the KIEL-CANAL for yourself. The current webcam pictures show sections of the KIEL-CANAL in the area of the locks and the North harbour in Kiel-Holtenau. The cameras are installed at various places in Kiel-Holtenau. The pictures are updated every 120 seconds.

New pictures will be provided in seconds.


[Location: locks in Kiel-Holtenau next to UCA building]
[Direction: Facing the Kiel-Holtenau locks]
UCA United Canal Agency GmbH -
Live-Webcam 3

[Location: high bridge Kiel-Holtenau]
[Direction: facing inland]



- live-webcam 4: temporary technical defect -


  Live-Webcam 1
  Live-Webcam 2
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